First version is from 1985 — software rarely survives that long!

Chances are you never heard of the text editor “Emacs” — especially if you started your career in this millennium.

Emacs icon (left) by Nicolas Petton, Logo (right) by Luis Fernandes (both Wikimedia Commons)

I ventured into programming at around the age of 10. This was in the mid eighties and I first dabbled in BASIC on a Commodore 128 and later got in pretty deep with Assembler on the Amiga. I had my first encounter with Unix and Emacs in 1995 as a computer science student. Post graduation, Emacs was certainly one of the first tools I installed as I went to the industry (and Windows). These days, Emacs is clearly outperformed by…

Being mentally strong is not enough!

The donut is screaming “EAT ME!”. You resists as you tell yourself “Not today! You are stronger than that.” and return to working on the computer. Around 2 PM, you put you teeth in the cake and tell yourself it is okay as you have been working hard and deserve it. Despite of this, you know you have once again given in to one of your bad habits…

Giving in to a bad habit. Courtesy of Jeff Siepman (Unsplash)

You have almost certainly been in the scenario described above or something similar. Like me, you have probably also wondered why you end up giving in despite best intentions and concrete effort…

A mental model to become more assertive and influential

Courtesy of cottonbro (

My palms are getting sweaty as I knock on the door to my boss’ office. The smile on her face reassures me that it is a good day to bring up the idea I have been working on for some time. During a bit of small-talk, I pick up little signs and decide how assertive I should be to get my project approved. I know it is a lot to ask, but I have to try…

You probably know similar situations from your work or private sphere where you need someone’s approval to achieve something or agree on a decision…

Rasmus Ursem

Computer & data scientist, writer, thinker, photographer, and generally just curious about life and the wet matter between our ears

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